1:37pm April 21, 2013

Pretty, pretty, commissions by fantastic artists, to be framed and displayed in my room very soon.

1. Harry and Sasuke from Connections by Sophie3, illustrated by Glockgal

2. Harry and Naruto from Against the Odds by PolarPanther, illustrated by Glockgal

3. Shun and Ranze (Tokimeki Tonight), illustrated by Levy Rasputin

4. Crowley and Aziraphale (Good Omens), illustrated by Linnpuzzle

5. Harry and Draco from Blood, Flesh, Silence by Lomonaaeren, illustrated by Shark Labyrinth (formerly known as Celestial Soda)

6. Sherlock and John (BBC Sherlock) by Yutaan

7. Minami and Veronica (Bokura no Kiseki) by Yutaan

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